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Established in 2006, Blue Sky Energy Engineering & Consulting Inc. is a multi-disciplined engineering and consulting company that provides services focused on energy conservation, process optimization and engineering.  Our professional staff combines expertise, best practices and creative thinking to deliver lasting business value at each of the businesses we serve. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, our team has significant and seasoned expertise to serve clients in the municipal, commercial and industrial sectors.

We take pride in effectively solving your tough problems and have a passion for uncovering hidden opportunities.   

Let us help you achieve outstanding, sustainable results.

Our Team

Andrea J. Dwight P.Eng. CEM, CMVP, Principal
Andrea has over two decades of broad management and engineering experience achieving breakthrough results in technical, management and consulting roles.  She has worked extensively in the field as a process and project engineer in manufacturing organizations working her way up through technical services, operations management and then plant management. After running a 350 person packaging factory as plant manager, Andrea founded her own consulting firm which later became Blue Sky Energy Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Andrea’s expertise is notably in two areas, technical engineering  (energy studies, energy and water audits, process and equipment optimization, and M&V) and business planning (policy development, energy consumption trending and analysis, business case development. She has extensive training in energy engineering and process optimization and has led a wide range of energy conservation and process improvement projects including:

  • Energy and Water audits
  • Energy Benchmarking projects
  • Process Optimization Studies
  • Corporate Energy Management Planning
  • Energy and Process training
  • Engineering Assessments
  • Facility Energy Modelling

Andrea’s passion for problem solving is matched only by her interest in helping businesses excel. Please contact her to discuss how we can assist you: andrea@bskyeng.com

Melody Johnson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Wastewater Technical Lead

Melody has been an environmental consultant in Ontario for over 15 years, and brings extensive expertise and experience in wastewater process engineering design, optimization and troubleshooting. She has worked with a wide variety of municipal and industrial clients throughout Ontario and across Canada to address wastewater treatment plant performance and capacity issues, as well as providing process design expertise for the selection of efficient, reliable and cost effective treatment solutions.

Successfully delivered projects include:

  • Municipal Class Environmental Assessments and Master Plans
  • Process Optimization, Design and Troubleshooting
  • Facility Capacity Assessments and Re-rating Studies
  • Biological System Process Modelling
  • Receiver Assimilative Capacity Assessment Studies
  • Field Testing Programs – Stress testing, tracer studies, pilot testing coordination
  • Customized Training Program Development and Delivery

Please contact Melody at melody@bskyeng.com.

Abass Mohammed, Senior Operations Excellence Specialist

As a seasoned Operational Excellence Consultant with experience as an Operation Manager, Production Manager and Plant Cost Accountant, Abass has a thorough understanding of the challenges manufacturers face in a globally competitive environment. His track record for delivering effective process improvement projects has been exceptional, with significant measured cost reduction and operational efficiency improvements. Abass has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing management and process improvement, executing a wide range of projects in a variety of industries including automotive, printing, packaging and general manufacturing.

Abass has extensive training in process optimization including Lean, Six Sigma, Operation Excellence Planning and Execution and has delivered many projects with sustainable results. Having a manufacturing background with an in depth knowledge of shop floor processes, Abass has a unique skill set to understand how people, process and technology combine to produce lasting results.

Projects successfully delivered include:

  • Line Layout Redesign
  • Production Line Balancing – Reduce motion, waiting and transportation waste in the process
  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) high performance changeovers
  • Standardized work development and implementation
  • Implementation of KANBAN Pull System
  • 6 Sigma Projects
  • Workshops on LEAN concepts, Zero Waste, SMED Developments, Standardized Work, KATA work training, Kaizens

Abass can be contacted at abass@bskyeng.com

Michele Welch, B.A. Analyst and Project Support

Michele’s organizational strengths have allowed her to be instrumental in the analysis of large data sets for process assessments. Her work supports the opportunity identification process and provides administrative, scheduling and reporting assistance.

A truly creative problem solver, Michele contributes to the Blue Sky thinking of the team helping us achieve extraordinary results.

Michele can be contacted at michele@bskyeng.com

Our mandate is to provide strategic and effective energy conservation expertise to industrial, municipal and commercial clients to improve operating costs and reduce the associated environmental impact. We focus on providing exemplary value to our clients.
Andrea Dwight P.Eng., Prinicipal

Blue Sky Energy Engineering Inc.